advanced online booking system integrated with automatic payment system

Website with a detailed presentation of our Client’s services and an advanced online appointment booking system.

Appointments for selected services can be booked via an interactive calendar integrated with the Przelewy24 payment system. Booking are fully confirmed only after the payment has been completed. If the system detects unsuccessful payment, booking attempt will be canceled and the time slot will become free for booking again within a few minutes.

two-way sync with google calendar

As the Client uses Google Calendar, it was important to synchronise the website booking system with this calendar. Booking an appointment via the Google Calendar automatically blocks the corresponding appointment slot in the website calendar, and vice versa – the appointment booked via the website is automatically shown in the Google Calendar. All this is processed in real time to prevent booking two different appointments for the same time slot.

registration forms

We have also implemented registration forms for appointments that cannot be booked via the calendar. These include, for example, workshops – once a selected number of participant sign up for selected services, the Client will contact them directly with the meeting date and payment terms. Each such service has a separate registration form connected, so the Client is notified via separate emails from individual forms.

brand identity

We also designed a logotype to be  used on the website, in marketing materials and in social media – more details on this project can be found here.

web design