Visual Identity & Graphic Designs for Primary School

Brand identity graphic designs with logo and advertising materials, including large-format banners, posters and leaflets for the EduHUB Primary School in Katowice, Poland.

Our Clients defined their expectations for branding and graphic designs very precisely. This helped us create a logotype reflecting personalized education programme focused on the students’ individual needs and carried out in an agile environment.

Large-Format Banners, billboards & Facebook Cover Image

In addition to the School’s logo, we were asked to design large-format banners to be mounted on a 5 m long trailer, on the School’s fencing, and roadside billboards.

The idea was simple and very specific: the banners should be legible from a distance and clearly inform about the new EduHUB facilities. Vivid colours and special fonts used resulted in the sleek and eye-catching banner designs.

We also designed the desktop- and mobile-friendly Facebook cover photo that needed to be consistent with other banners and posters.

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